European Kitchen Equipment – Addressing Your Queries about European Kitchens

Commercial European Kitchens or European Kitchens in Restaurants are essential elements for preparing European cuisine in specialized European restaurants. While various types of cooking stoves offer diverse functionalities, European kitchens bring distinct and significant features.

Customers often have many questions and concerns when searching for industrial European kitchens. They wonder if using European kitchen consumes a lot of resources. They also want to know how many types of European kitchens there are and which one suits their restaurant type. Cost-related inquiries are common as well.

In this article, Saigon Horeca will address these concerns and help you gain a better understanding of the world of industrial European kitchen, from their unique features to choosing the right one for your business.

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What is an Industrial European Kitchen?

A kitchen is an essential part of every culinary space, and the market offers a variety of kitchen types with diverse styles, models, and sizes. Among these, industrial European kitchens have garnered significant attention from many Saigon Horeca customers due to their special features and utility.

Industrial European kitchen, often seen as a form of industrial gas stoves, are commonly used in European restaurant kitchens. They serve as essential tools for chefs to prepare large quantities of food quickly, particularly useful for European-style culinary creations.

Industrial European kitchen typically come with 4, 6, or 8 burners, designed for simultaneously cooking multiple dishes. Additionally, restaurant-grade European kitchens have various variations, including deep fryers, griddles, ovens, induction stoves, and baking equipment, catering to diverse culinary preparations in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

In this manner, industrial European kitchen play a crucial role in professional and versatile cooking, meeting the demands of the culinary industry. Let’s explore the key features you need to know for making the right choice for your business with Saigon Horeca.

Industrial European Kitchens

Key Characteristics of Industrial European Kitchens

Common Structure of European Kitchens

Industrial European kitchens consist of several vital components, each meticulously designed and manufactured using premium materials such as enameled cast iron, stainless steel, and 304-grade stainless steel. These elements collectively create a reliable kitchen product known for its durability.

The structure of an industrial European kitchen includes the kitchen body, burner grates, cooking trays, flame control knobs, burner rings, and kitchen stand. The kitchen body and cooking trays are typically made from high-grade stainless steel, a non-corrosive, heat-resistant material with an easy-to-maintain and clean surface.

Thanks to these high-quality materials and careful design, industrial European kitchens not only ensure excellent cooking performance but also exhibit resistance to wear and tear in the demanding kitchen environment.

An industrial European kitchen comprises numerous crucial parts, each contributing to professional and reliable cooking performance. Below, we will explore the general structure of an industrial European kitchen:

  1. Kitchen Body: The kitchen body is the primary component of an industrial European kitchen, housing the burners. It is typically constructed from premium materials such as stainless steel, which is non-corrosive, heat-resistant, and resistant to oxidation. The stainless steel surface maintains its brightness, making cleaning and wiping quick and easy.
  2. Cooking Trays: Cooking trays are placed on the kitchen body and serve as the platform for pots or pans. They are often made from high-quality materials like stainless steel or enameled cast iron to ensure durability and heat resistance.
  3. Burner Grates: Burner grates are the support frames placed on the kitchen body for holding pots or pans. They are also usually made from stainless steel or enameled cast iron, ensuring stability and safety during the cooking process.
  4. Burner Ports: The burner ports are where the gas supply is connected and flames are established. Burner ports are often designed for adjusting gas flow and temperature according to cooking needs. They are also made from heat-resistant, high-quality materials.

Industrial European kitchens are a complete engineering product, with each part designed and manufactured to ensure high performance and durability, meeting the strict requirements of the professional culinary industry.

Industrial European Kitchens Structure


Industrial European kitchens offer a range of outstanding advantages, including a compact design that occupies minimal space, making them suitable for any kitchen area. They are entirely crafted from stainless steel, a robust and easy-to-clean material, even in the greasy kitchen environment. The burner grates are constructed from high-strength steel and possess excellent heat resistance, ensuring safety during cooking, even when preparing large quantities of food over an extended period.

Industrial European kitchens not only maintain their aesthetic appeal even after years of use but also demonstrate high durability and resistance to external factors like temperature and pressure. The burner ports, made from cast iron using advanced technology, efficiently distribute heat beneath the cookware, ensuring superior cooking performance and saving chefs valuable time during food preparation.

Furthermore, versatility and flexibility in usage are important benefits. These kitchens are capable of preparing a wide variety of dishes, and their user-friendly design simplifies temperature and cooking time adjustments. With their professional features, industrial European kitchens are a common choice in restaurants, hotels, and various professional kitchens, guaranteeing food quality.

The elegant design of European kitchens enhances the kitchen space’s attractiveness and aesthetics while ensuring safety and energy efficiency for peace of mind during use.


Industrial European kitchens, despite their many advantages, have certain drawbacks that manufacturers have yet to completely eliminate. This includes the use of gas during operation, which may pose risks of explosion or gas leaks. However, this is a common drawback in most industrial kitchen appliances. To ensure safety, users need to adhere to hygiene regulations and perform regular equipment maintenance, as well as follow usage instructions and safety rules. Additionally, selecting gas from reputable manufacturers and ensuring its certification is particularly important for safety during equipment use.

When choosing an industrial kitchen, it’s essential to consider that industrial European kitchens are designed for long-term use and cooking in large quantities. This places demands on the kitchen’s durability. The kitchen should have thick grates, effective heat dissipation, and high heat resistance. In such cases, opting for European kitchens with 6 or 8 burners is recommended to ensure optimal cooking performance.

In the current market, there are numerous places to purchase industrial kitchen equipment. Therefore, before making a purchase, thorough research and evaluation are necessary to ensure you acquire a quality kitchen at a reasonable price.

Applications of Industrial European Kitchens

Industrial European kitchens have various applications in the food industry and culinary services. Below are some common applications of industrial European kitchens:

  1. Restaurants and Hotels: Industrial European kitchens are essential in restaurant and hotel kitchens. They are used to cook complex and diverse menu items. Their durability, performance, and professionalism make them the primary choice for such environments.
  2. Food Establishments: Industrial European kitchens are commonly used in cafes, fast-food restaurants, and other food establishments. They expedite the preparation of food while ensuring its quality.
  3. Schools and Educational Institutions: Industrial European kitchens are used in school and educational institution kitchens to prepare meals for students. They guarantee the safe and efficient cooking of food.
  4. Special Events and Catering Services: Industrial European kitchens are often employed for special events such as weddings, conferences, and home catering services. They efficiently cook large quantities of food.
  5. Industrial Cafeterias: Factories, plants, and production facilities often have industrial cafeterias to provide meals for their employees. Industrial European kitchens ensure that food is evenly cooked and safe for consumption.
  6. Sports and Entertainment Events: Industrial European kitchens are used in sports stadiums, sports centers, and entertainment events to cater to large crowds. They efficiently serve a large number of customers in a short time.
  7. Healthcare Facilities: Industrial European kitchens also find applications in healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care centers. They ensure that meals are prepared with high hygiene and quality standards.

Therefore, industrial European kitchens are a vital component of the food industry and play a crucial role in food preparation and service in various settings.

Types of Industrial European Kitchens

There are several types of industrial European kitchen available today, categorized based on various criteria such as whether they have an oven, the number of gas burners, and specific features. Here are some common types of industrial European kitchens:

  1. European Kitchen Without Ovens: This type does not include an oven and is typically categorized by the number of gas burners, such as 4-burner, 6-burner, 8-burner, or 12-burner European kitchens. Each gas burner operates independently with its own control knob, facilitating the preparation of dishes with the best quality and cooking time. These kitchens offer various options in terms of size and design, featuring a sturdy SUS 304 stainless steel body and heavy-duty cast iron grates.
  2. European Kitchen With Ovens: This type integrates an oven into the gas kitchen, offering convenience for both cooking and baking within the same appliance. The oven often has temperature control capabilities and operates on gas. This setup saves kitchen space and highlights grilling or baking features.

A variety of European kitchen is available on the market, with Berjaya European kitchen being a highly regarded brand. They are constructed from premium stainless steel that is easy to clean and ensures food safety. The gas burners operate independently, equipped with ignition and safety gas valve systems. The cast iron grates, robust frame, and easy-to-clean oil tray contribute to the kitchens’ overall quality.

With numerous options available, you can select the type of industrial European kitchen that suits your needs at Saigon Horeca.

Reputable Address for Choosing Industrial European Kitchens

Saigon Horeca is a trusted and experienced provider in designing and supplying equipment for the food industry and restaurants. We offer a wide range of quality products, including industrial kitchens, European kitchens, Asian kitchens, refrigerators, ovens, meat grinders, and many other items.

We are committed to ensuring safety, efficiency, and convenience for all customer needs. Our long-term warranty and maintenance policies guarantee customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

If you require more information or have any questions regarding our products or services, please contact us today. We are ready to provide advice and support.

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